SCY 16101 PRO RC Buggy 4wd (Blue/Black)


SCY 16101 RC Buggy 4wd

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Item No.: GN-16101-PRO
Product name: 1/16 electric four-wheel drive truck (pickup)
Packing: English portable unpacking color box
Color: Blue / Black
Product specifications: 30*23*11.5 CM
Remote control specification: 13*7.5*21 CM
Color box specification: 30.6*14.8*24.1 CM
With packaging weight: 1600g
Car light configuration: LED headlight
Differential structure: front and rear nylon gear planetary differentials
Material: hardware; electronics; plastic
Motor: RC390 high-speed carbon brushless strong magnet (magnetic protection heat sink)
ESC/Receiver: ESC/Receiver integrated control (splash-proof)
Body battery: 7.4V 1300mAH lithium ion battery
Servo: 5 wires, 17g
Remote control battery: 3 “AA” (not included)
Charger: USB cable charger
Frequency: 2.4GHz (supports multiple cars competing on the same field)
Remote control distance: ≥80m
Remote control category: Full-scale synchronous control system (gun control)
Manipulation time: 12-15 minutes (continuous running at full speed)
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours (USB cable charger)
Wheelbase: 185mm;
Wheel base: 188mm;
Wheel diameter: 85mm;
Speed: 38 km/h
Protection function: 1. Charging; 2. Stuck; 3. High temperature; 4. Low voltage
Package contains
1*The whole vehicle;
1*Remote control;
1*Product manual in English;
1*Lithium battery;
1*USB charger;
1*tail wing;
1*Head up wheel;
1*LED headlight;
1* Damping adjustment buckle;
1*Metal pin;
1*Small Phillips screwdriver;

1: Charge protection: Constant current and constant voltage balance charging, protection function for battery overcharge and overcurrent.
2: Motor anti-jamming protection: When overloading, the motor stops working.
3: High temperature protection: When the working temperature is higher than the setting, the drive control circuit stops working, and resumes work after the temperature drops to a safe value.
4: ESC low-voltage power-off function, when the battery is lower than 6.3-6.4V, the power is automatically cut off to prevent the battery from being damaged by over-discharge.




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