Fast RC Cars For Adults

rc cars for adults
RC Cars For Adults, Not Just Kids

Did you know that remote control cars are great for all ages, but RC cars for adults can be a very competitive sport? Many RC enthusiasts gather to race their RC trucks and RC cars around tracks to see who comes out on top. Radio Controlled is an RC superstore filled with RC trucks gifts for all the family.

What are RC cars?

A remote control car is a miniature vehicle that can be driven and changed in direction using a handheld transmitter from a distance. These cars blend fun, skill development, and technical exploration. Whether they are racing for joy or competition, they are great fun for adults and kids.

Radio control cars can be divided into two categories: “kit” cars and trucks, which are only available as “Ready To Run” or build-it-yourself kits from specialized hobby shops or mail-order companies, and “toy” cars and trucks, which are sold at electronics and toy stores. Kit-style cars are called “radio control” by enthusiasts, whereas toy-style cars are often advertised as “remote control.”

Are RC cars for adults?

Yes, and that means you can buy even better remote control cars because adults have more money than kids. There are so many RC vehicles to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone. You will find monster truck RC cars, scale racing RC cars, RC rock crawlers, RC drift cars, RC parts, and many more in our online store.

Shop RC Cars: Types of remote control car

Value RC Cars: We have a wide selection of RC cars at great value. Whether you’re in the market for beginner RC cars for adults or something more advanced, we have what you need.

RC Race Car: The radio control car, or remote control car, is among the most well-liked models of RC cars for adults. These include the kinds of RC vehicles offered by firms like Team Associated as well as the ones you see at toy and electronics stores.

Scale RC Rock Crawler: Remotely controlled rock crawlers, or RC crawlers, are made to climb over rocks and ascend steep inclines. They provide a distinct kind of driving challenge, one that is more focused on maintaining control over difficult terrain than pure peak speed. Their technical climbing skills more than make up for their lack of speed.

Remote Monster Truck: Large tires, powerful engines, and chassis designed more for unstoppable torque than maximum speed are what make remote control monster trucks exciting. They roar their way up hills, down slopes, and over unwary road RC cars with nothing but sheer brute force.

RC Drift Cars: With the help of specially designed tires, suspension, and drivetrain setups, drift RC cars may oversteer and lose traction, enabling controlled slides and drifts.

Remote Control Short Course Truck: In comparison to a stadium truck, a short course truck has a longer wheelbase, a wider body, smaller tires, and—most importantly—a body and fenders that cover the tires like a genuine truck does. Conversely, a Stadium truck has open wheels. Like a buggy, only with larger and longer tires.

The benefits of electric RC cars and RC trucks

Less maintenance

A nitro RC car must be maintained just like a real vehicle. It’s not a robot, so you must clean, and service the engine yourself. Because you don’t need to tune the engine or use specialty cleaning supplies, less maintenance translates into lower costs.

Better for the environment

Since your vehicle runs on batteries instead of gasoline, you don’t need to burn fuel each time you take it for a ride which is better for the environment.


Electric RC cars are faster than nitro RC cars because they do not have a heavy engine. Different voltage-rated packs are available for entry-level RC cars, with NiMH batteries usually being the default option. These rechargeable batteries are commonly found in remote control vehicles, including boats, cars, and trucks. LiPo batteries work best when powering most models of electric remote controls.

Less Noise

Since electric remote control cars run on batteries, they don’t make the same noise as combustion-engine vehicles. Thus, you may operate your electric remote control car both indoors and practically anywhere.

RC Car Scales

When measuring RC cars, the most popular scales are 1:10, 1:8, and 1:5. Even though the numbers can seem strange, they are not too difficult to comprehend. For instance, an RC car marked 1:10 means that it is ten times smaller than the racetrack model.

How much does a decent RC car cost?

A decent RC car with great durability, performance, and efficiency would have to be electric with a brushless motor. Brushless motors are efficient as they eliminate energy loss from brush friction found in traditional motors. You can spend anywhere from $120 to $200 on a decent starter RC car.

What is the best all around RC car?

This comes down to personal preference and budget. As mentioned above, brushless motors are a good place to start for efficiency. If you have an electric RC car, a good battery will ensure your vehicle will run longer and faster, giving it better all-around performance.

What’s the biggest RC car you can get?

The Scale Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 short course truck, the biggest scale Losi RC car, is enormous at more than three feet long—that is, 38 inches. The 1/5 scale Losi 5IVE-T 2.0’s wheelbase alone measures 24 inches in width. In contrast, the 1/10 scale Losi TENACITY TT Pro measures just 21 inches in length.

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